08 October 2009

What is Mama Buzz?!

Mama Buzz

I wanted to let you dear readers know that I joined a team that does product reviews. It's called Mama Buzz. What this means to you is that you may see this phrase now and again:

I rec'd a copy of this book for free from [publisher]. I am a part of a reviewing team called Mama Buzz- see my button to their site in the left sidebar. I hope you thought this review was helpful!

Don't worry- I am not going to become a blog that is just one commercial after another. I know that over the summer, with no homeschooling going on in my household, I got into the habit of writing (probably) too much about curriculum. (I am always trying to earn credit at Rainbow Resource by writing reviews about stuff I've ordered from them, and you're going to hear about that ongoing saga. Still waiting to hear about my MOTH review for September)

If you are a follower, feel free to tell me your thoughts on this topic... I love to hear from you. I know I have a weird comment procedure (see right sidebar for how to comment).

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