22 October 2009

What WAY do you Homeschool?

I think our homeschool is mostly classical with some Charlotte Mason thrown in. Unschooling is probably the black sheep of the homeschooling family of methods. I found an interesting "how-to" UNschool, if there is such a thing.

What intrigued me was her analogy: It's sort of like a meat and potatoes family starting a new vegetarian diet. It's dinnertime and here are the potatoes and there's the side dish, but there is a great big hole on the plate where the meat used to be. Learning to fill that hole will require getting back to the basics and learning a new way of cooking and eating. It's not difficult, just different. And it takes a little getting used to.

Taking this week off on purpose has set me (mostly mentally) on the path to year-round schooling. I also am seeing our first unit studies on the horizon- I want to do a classical music study, and an art study, and a music study (notes, theory, recorder).

What is your favorite thing about the homeschooling method your family uses?


  1. Home is Where the Heart isOctober 23, 2009 at 2:06 AM

    We're pretty much classical here too. My favorite part is history, if you can believe it! I'm actually learning history...real history. Not just American history, but real world history. I'm excited about that!

  2. We have classical and CM leanings, but mostly eclectic. I'm rarely satisfied with curriculum as it is so I'm always changing things up. I'm trying to relax more and like you, I am wanting very much to start using more unit studies. I've been driving myself crazy these past few days trying to figure out what to do next semester and next fall. Our current curriculum will be finished next month and I'm thinking of doing some unit studies as we go through the spring semester.

  3. I can never decide if I like teaching History or Science more. But you're right, I learned British monarchy history for the first time last year when my daughter went through second grade- not to mention ancient Japan and India for the first time in her first grade! All I remember learning was American and modern European history.

  4. For some reason unit studies both overwhelm and excite me. And I am always trying to calm down the structure around here.