04 November 2009

Algebra HELP!

Sorry I'm late today! My computer crashed last week and my desktop is not up and running yet- I'm limping along on my husband's laptop when he's home, so my posting schedule is a little wacky.

I know that since my kids are in elementary grades that the blog can be lacking on the upper-class topics. I know that grandparents and friends and neighbors from the other schooling options can be skeptical of our ability to teach upper math and sciences. I know people have asked me if we plan on "making" our kids homeschool through high school, and it's good to have a ready response. So when I was told about this web service that is available for kids k-12, but seems to focus mainly at older students- I thought I'd tell you and we can have it in our arsenal of retorts for when people ask "Where are you going to get them Algebra help?!"

It's called TutorVista. Check out their press page it looks really cool. They give unlimited tutoring sessions in all subjects, but seem to focus mainly on math problems. The site does list English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and general science in addition. Here's a tutor essentially in your home that can create a relationship with your child and help them all the way through college.

TutorVista facilitates real tutoring with an actual person online- there is a virtual whiteboard and the same tutor every time. It's great for math word problems help all the way up to Algebra 2 help. What I love is the ability to create a relationship with one person. Instead of hoping you get a good tutor each time you log on, you know who will help you. And this picture from their website makes me happy too. I love the idea of a symbiotic relationship where my family is not only getting assistance with our edcuational goals, but also helping people around the world.

So as your kids get older and finding the right math answers is getting tougher, this company could be a big help. It charges a monthly fee that seems pretty reasonable given what is available (like no driving to an appointed place and keeping the little kids busy in the car for an hour, and feeling like you can't ask someone how their week was because you are paying for a certain window of time. Yeah, I've done it.)

They give a free session so the next time you and your homeschooler are stumped by a couple of difficult algebra word problems- or a whole textbook of them- you could try them for free.

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