13 November 2009

Choose Your Battles

You know, it's true for homeschooling as well as for raising children- know which battles to fight. I was talking to another homeschool mom today while our boys played during Jackson's Lego Club. We were talking about the drudgery and repetition we experienced when going through early Saxon "scripted" lessons.

Being publically schooled myself through the formative highschool years, I have to supress a tendency to stick to the book. I want to do the lessons 1, 2, 3, 4 just like I'm supposed to. But now with a few years under my belt I see the value of doing what we need to do and not what we are able to do. Do I really need to count to 100 every day? Do I really need them to draw the little picture when they already know the answer?

I was very proud of myself the other day. I spent a half-hour going through Claire's books, counting how many lessons we had done, and how many we had left. Figure out how many weeks of school to go, and voila! I know where we stand. Not behind, not ahead.

I started to count how many lessons I had done from her Writing Strands workbook. I did some busywork you surely don't want to hear about and you won't believe it... I thought a later lesson would help her before an earlier lesson- so I flagged it so she could do it first. !!! What! Rearrange the order that the all-knowing writer and publisher has set for me? Who am I to think like that! Well I'm a homeschooler, that's who!

On a related note, I was utterly shocked to walk into the gym for a Pilates-style class last month to find over a dozen full-grown women sitting in the dark. I sat down too, and asked the woman to my right what was going on. She said the lights were out when she came in. I asked the woman on my left, she said the instructor stil lwasn't there yet. I sat there for a moment, feeling like I should begin to bleat like a sheep. Then I got up and turned the light on. For pete's sake! Can an adult woman not turn on the light unless someone gives her permission?! I hope my kids grow up to be able to take some initiative and not sit in the dark until someone tells them to go home.

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