18 November 2009

Death by Catalog

I was cleaning under the coffee table and guess what I found? Three homeschool-oriented catalogs. So I went into the schoolroom and looked on the shelf, and I found a bunch more. Most of them I have requested, and I've never been inundated by junk catalogs. So here's what I've found:

MindWare "brainy toys for kids of all ages" good toys, brainy, somewhat expensive

Calvert School (I wrote a post about school-in-a-box here) good support for parents

BJU Press "Textbooks address problematic philosophy from a biblical perspective while instilling Christian values in students."

Classroom Products Warehouse "Premium Brand Math Products at Lowest Discount Prices Guaranteed"

Veritas Press "A Full-service Curriculum Provider with a Classical Specialization." WOW!

Oriental Trading art supplies, school supplies, gross motor skills toys, project kits... not just party decorations and pinata stuffers.

Classical Conversations "Equip parents to educate their children with the classical tools of learning and a biblical worldview so that thye might impact the world for God's glory." my friend loves it.

ETA Cuisenaire "Easy-to-Use Lessons for the Most Popular Manipulatives." (not just Cuisenaire rods- tons of good stuff)

Saxon Includes: Math Reading and Language Arts, Test prep, Professional Development, Remedial Studies

Delta Education "because children learn by doing." excellent for science resources, full-color

and of course.... the coup d' etat... my favorite... RAINBOW RESOURCE! see left sidebar for all of the gushing.

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