09 November 2009

Free Form Poetry

Rainbow Resource, How I love Thee
by Tracy Dear

Rainbow Resource, How I love Thee!
I love thee in many ways!
I love the length and breadth of your catalog-
O its thin pages!
The tiny descriptive print!
The exhaustive index is dear to me.

I love your website online!
What easy navigation,
the search feature- the bargain bin!
And O! the joys of the wishlist-
so many facets to ponder...
compare and contrast with
the click of a mouse.

How I tell others of this Resource!
the 800 number- cherished!
helpful, real and patient people!

Let me expound upon the
variety of choices- be it
a text, a workbook, an extra-
you choose to support my worldview.
Thank you, beloved Resource,
for always mentioning the pros and the cons-
yet you encourage me to follow my own path.

O! The dedication and commitment-
you are like water to the thirsty and fatigued,
You encourage the downtrodden and
you lift up the beginner.

Rainbow Resource! Thank you for your service.

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