12 November 2009

Grocery Store Alone?!

You might have had a little smile on your face when you saw the title to this post. Lemme tell you how my Veteran's Day went...

Jackson had a half day of school (he's in first grade) including reading, math, grammar. No Science, because like I said yesterday, my computer is wacky and I'm just about out of printer ink to get his science forms printed out. He's just starting the Animal Kingdom after finishing the Human Body study. Claire did her Story of the World History reading (we're in Volume 3) and that was it. Then I dropped them off to play with my mom and my dad and I went out to lunch. Man, I tucked into a full breakfast and had a nice cuppa coffee. Then he and I went to the local Acupuncture school and got a free session. They filled my left hand up with needles (apparently that's where stress gets clogged in Chinese medicine?). Then we looked through a Russian market, where I checked out their selection of kids picture books in Russian ($$!). We hopped across the street and walked through a organic-style local store, a small chain. There, I found the perfume I wore in high school- I still like it (and my husband recognized it right away and pledges to keep me stocked up on it from now on).

Finally I came home and was just exhausted. I'm normally such a homebody that all those new sights and places must've worn me out! So I slept through the kid's swim lesson (bad) and then as dinner approached, I escaped under the ruse of going to the grocery store. And to here, my point.

There is such an evidence of a lifestyle in a grocery cart! The guy behind me was buying all sorts of frozen dinners. A varied assortment, pretty healthy, and 2 individual quarts of milk.

Then there's always someone with the huge pack of individual bags of Doritos and such, with skim milk, cereal, white bread, and big logs of ground beef.

Then carts that make me feel bad are all full of vegetables I don't even know the name of, couscous, brown rice, organic flour, yeast, green tea, rice milk...

My cart tends to be a little schizophrenic. Organic milk next to the flavored non-dairy creamer. Organic mac-n-cheese beside the brick of Ramen. Organic peanut butter next to the marshmallows. A Pepsi next to the hearts of romaine.

What's your cart look like? I remember when I was a newlywed, we used to go shopping together and we'd coast by the diaper aisle, the dog food aisle, and just keep on going. Now, I cherish the time alone- SILENT! at the store, choosing things I know are loved, my cart hardly pausing as I reach for the same things.

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