10 November 2009


Oh, the iTouch! How awesome it can be! Before reading this post, please understand my lack of tech coolness- I didn't even want an iPod until I read a book (an 'old' one, too) about it. I thought until this past week that an iTouch was just a collection of apps. What was the point? No phone service, and a bunch of games for adults.

So I probably mentioned that our computer had crashed and we were in the process of getting it up and going again, including having a friend un-crash it, add a hard drive, and then I had to download *8* CDs! of pictures and get an anti-virus scan (17 viruses in over 16,400 files), anyway we couldn't get on the desktop until this morning. So James set up the iTouch to receive our wireless signal- voila! now I was able to check my email and peck my way around the internet. The best part about the iTouch is that when you type it makes the old-fashioned click-clack noise. Yes!

However there are drawbacks to the iTouch, it doesn't do everything I need. So today I am online- on the desktop- again!! A full-size screen and I can type with all 8 fingers! Yay!

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