11 November 2009

Kids Can Publish


"Children like to write more than many adults realize," says Linda Radke, president of Five Star Publications who co-founded Kids Can Publish University with Lynda Exley, an award-winning editor and writer. "It's just a matter of giving them incentives to motivate them to stay interested in writing and develop a desire for continuous improvement. Because nothing is more exciting for a child than to see his or her "winning" byline in print, we developed a monthly Kids Can Publish contest for first- through ninth-graders."

I was told about Kids Can Publish, a part of Five Star Publications, by my review company, Mama Buzz. We were encouraged to try out a free contest for our kids who loved writing, or those who needed the encouragement of online publication (and the accompanying glory and fame).

The entries can include stories, poems, editorials, articles, photography or cartoons! So whatever your child is 'in to' can be submitted. I got excited because Claire is studying poetry and writing this year and has already written a few poems. I planned on going over, filling out the form with her entry, and hitting send.

I went to the site and was a little confused. I couldn't fill in the form for a writing submission. I saw that you were supposed to print it out and mail it in. Then I read further and now I think that you also need to mail in the writing (or photo or whatever) itself, also. After emailing the help people for 3 emails, that's what *I think* (it wasn't definitively answered).

So, although I was pretty excited on Claire's behalf, we never got anything submitted, much less won any glory or fame. Oh well. If I get more ink in my printer and want to cough up a stamp I will later. Gotta let some of the good things go, I guess.

This was a review for Mama Buzz- you can see their button in my sidebar. I didn't receive anything in return for this review, and I hope it was helpful to you!

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