16 November 2009

Recycling Bin

Well, it happened again. My helpful children went and got the mail and put it in a rea-lly safe location and I just found it. What does that mean? It means that I didn't find the bill for the recycling company until last week. It was due October 10th. Which means that the recycling truck drove by this morning, leaving my forlorn, rained-on green bin (overflowing) at the curbside. *sigh*

On a separate note, I am letting my kids pretend to be fashion designers this morning instead of starting school like I probably should. My husband got laid off on the 6th and they are using his old work shirts and our 2 mannequins and making all sorts of creations. Am I the excellent homeschooler who lets their interest flow and encourages all sorts of learning, or the busy mom who needs to clean up before the electrician/ wall texture guy gets here? Uh, hmmm.

It's early for the trash truck, but late for the recycling truck, yet I just heard something. Gotta go see if I snuck in one more week of recycling. I sure don't want to store wet paper in my garage.

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