20 November 2009

Ultimate Cloth!

I know so many of us are a little fringey anyways, being homeschoolers and all. And I don't mean we look like we were pulled through the keyhole backwards... I mean we are a little 'against the grain' by educating our kids ourselves. Then you throw in a gluten allergy, or a totally vegan lifestyle, or all organic cleaning supplies when most people are content with the latest convenience product... we can look a little kooky.

But nowadays, it's cool to be green and it's trendy to be using less. Even if you were that way before the rest of us caught on, it's a good thing to jump on a wagon that saves money and also helps the planet or just lets someone live comfortably in their own home. The Ultimate Cloth is a really cool product. It's my latest review item and you have a chance to win one.

When I was told that I would be mailed a micro-fiber cloth that I could use to clean my camera lens and my tub, I was thinking "ok, cool..." Then I read that it was scientifically tested to wick up and kill 96% of germs using only water, I got more interested. Then I looked online and saw they are only 2 for $10. Last of all, I got it in the mail and saw that it wasn't the car-cloth with tiny loops kind of microfiber- it looked like a huuuuge baby wipe, but stronger. You can look at their website at how they made the fabric (and more) here.

My Ultimate Cloth came in the mail right before Jackson's Lego club started. However, that day we only had one family come to play. I have been friends with the mom for almost four years. She and I chatted while I tried the cloth out on my new glasstop stainless steel stove, my tile counters, my fridge door, and my wooden cabinets. I was sort of staring around, looking for something else, and she just jumped off her stool and said "Let's go do my car windows- they're really bad."

So out we went. She slid open the back door of her van and we both climbed in. (I had cut my cloth in 4 equal pieces about 7 X 5.) She started on the windows in the back seat and I started on the armrests in the two captain's chairs. Her van's interior is actually a beige leather. I thought it was grey when I started, but soon it became evident that it was just accumulated film of dirt and whatever 2 boys and a little girl have on their hands that they impress upon the leather.

My cloth began to get dirtier and dirtier and the leather was looking whiter and whiter! As my friend climbed past me from the back seat to the front seat, she was equally amazed and appalled. She said she had been worried that her armrests would soon crack because of the dark lines all over them- but it was actually dirt in the creases and pores of the leather. So she was really glad that they weren't falling apart any time soon, but thought it was gross that they had gotten so dirty even though she does clean the van.

We wiped down the outside of the windows too. The cloth can be washed out in the sink or the clothes washer and reused- it's guarenteed for up to five years! They are soft enough to use as reusable baby wipes, if that's something you do. Evidentally people have some for glass and some for the bathroom and some for the car or kitchen. They can be used on any surface and washed, but it's probably a smart idea to have one for electronics and such be exclusively for that so that if you fail to clean the cloth enough, car grit won't mess up the tv screen. They are really easy to cut into manageable sizes, so you could trim one down for your glasses case or your glove box.

The website is really informative and they are a small company, so they want you to be pleased with your cloth and tell all your friends. They want you to try it out, so if you friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, they will give you a free cloth. If you aren't into all that, I have one to give away to someone who comments on this post. Yay!

This review was done for Mama Buzz (see their button in my sidebar). I received a free cloth from The Ultimate Cloth company for doing this review. I hope you found it informative!


  1. Lindsay C. mrslindscarpenter@yahoo.comNovember 21, 2009 at 7:31 AM

    What an amazing product. Even if I don't win, I am going to have to buy one!

  2. I found the comments! It took me long enough. :)

  3. Wow, I can sure think of some places around this house (and car) that could serve as test spots of this product! :-)

  4. I want one! Pretty please!?

  5. Tracy - Thanks for posting the review. i fanned them on FB and checked out the site and someone else's review. This sounds really great and I am hopeful. I found the link for a free one with S&H (so $3 for one) so I'm going to give it a shot. I have so many magic erasers around here but they ruin the paint on the walls.

    QUESTION : Have you tried this on your walls to clean up grime? You may have mentioned it and I missed it. Let me know!

  6. Sounds great. I'm always trying to find something to use besides paper towels.

  7. Hannah @ A Quiet SpotNovember 23, 2009 at 4:16 PM

    Huh. I was sure I left a comment the other day to enter this drawing, but I see it didn't show up. Trying again! We could definitely put this product through its paces!

  8. Hey! You can't win if you don't leave a name or something!

  9. Jolene, I forgot to mention- I cleaned all the painted wood in my bathroom and it worked really well. I just got all my walls painted, so for now, they are clean- but I do have 3 dogs and 2 boys, so we'll see how long that lasts!