30 December 2009

Accelerated College Degrees

This guest post was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes on the topic of accelerated online degrees. I like it because, again, it may appeal to my readers with high-school age students, and because Adrienne acknowledges how awesome and disciplined our kids can be!

It’s not a choice that most of us would make, but accelerated degrees are the way to go if you want to finish college in less time than it normally takes. You can finish a bachelor’s degree in as little time as two years and a master’s degree in a year or so if you take the accelerated degree route. While some people think it’s not worth the trouble or the effort to take a shortcut to a degree, there are others who find that it helps them get ahead in life sooner because they’re able to secure a job and start earning well before their counterparts have finished college. Accelerated degrees are especially useful and appropriate for certain kinds of students like homeschoolers because:

They require dedication: When you take the fast track to a degree, you have to be dedicated and determined to stay the course, no matter how difficult it is. Homeschooled students have this advantage over their counterparts who attend regular school because they are similar to online students – they set their own pace and schedule which means that they must have a certain amount of determination and dedication in order to be able to achieve success. So when homeschoolers opt for accelerated degrees, they naturally tend to ace their courses.

They require flexibility: An accelerated degree involves much more work and effort than a regular degree and you may have to vary your schedule and juggle your other priorities accordingly to allow you time to study effectively. So you must be able to adjust to frequent changes in schedule and still ensure that all your tasks are completed, something homeschoolers become adept at over the course of their school education because they balance different activities along with their education.

They require discipline: When you’re a homeschooler, you learn to study on your own after the initial years of being coached and supervised by a parent. This provides you with the foundation needed to achieve excellence in an accelerated degree where the coursework is tough and more demands are made on your time and energy. You are capable of doing your own research and managing your time well, aspects which give you an advantage when you sign up for an accelerated degree.

They allow you to make up for lost time: If you’ve lost a few years and are behind people of your age group in completing high school because you’ve been homeschooled, accelerated degrees are the best way to catch up and make up for lost time. You can complete college with your peers instead of graduating a year or two behind them.

Accelerated degrees are mostly offered online and only in certain disciplines, so if you’re interested in pursuing one, do your research well and choose to study from an accredited institution.

Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: http://adrienne.carlson1@gmail.com .

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