28 December 2009

Post Holiday Slump

Well, I was all ready to go to bed and I remembered that "break's over! back to the blog!"

So here I am. Aren't you glad?

We aren't actually doing school this week. But I have something important planned... getting my butt in gear. No, not a pre-New Year workout regimen... just a self-scheduling jump start. I need to be getting up and going and running my house better-more focused- so that school can go more smoothly.

I have to make deliberate choices to succeed. I have to choose what I want done in a given day, not just see what I could squeeze in before I fell over. For instance, I just today folded and put away all the laundry and matched most of the socks. Then, of course, I washed 5 loads- the biggest pile-up we can achieve in our household (TMI: my sheets, jeans load, whites, darks, mess towels/bath mats load). So I thought of something. I want to stay on top of this pile, not under it. Before, I have complained about trying to empty the sink of dirty dishes early in the morning before the kids get up, how it's too loud and just frustrating. Ah, but folding laundry IS a silent activity- one that can be done without waking anyone, and can get a huge task off my daily to do list.

Now if I can just empty the sink every night like Flylady says!

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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