02 December 2009


There are a lot of programs out there for kids who want to be crafty, outdoorsy, make friends, and become more self-confident.

Boy Scouts

Campfire Boys and Girls


American Heritage Girls

I didn't want to sign my oldest up for Girl Scouts because I learned of their relationship with Planned Parenth00d. STOPP is an informative website that tells you more about this.

I recently learned about Keepers of the Faith and Contenders for the Faith. Contenders is sort of the extra, add-on for Keepers, so they don't even have a website. UNTIL NOW! I took it upon myself to start a informational site for them.

Here it is! Contenders! Woo-hoo!

Today is our second meeting. We are learning about hand tools. Last time we didn't know how many to expect, and we were floored at the response- I think we had about a dozen families! I'll let you know how it goes.

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