14 January 2010

Charlotte Mason

I like to think that we follow the Classical Education Model in terms of scope and sequence, and throw in some Charlotte Mason for fun. When I think "CM" I think of traipsing about in fields, filling notebooks with sketches and facts, and laying about on stacks of pillows, reading aloud from a wonderful book as my children nibble cheese and listen intently.

*sigh* Let me mention here that the last time my mother read my blog (that I know of) was quite a while ago when I described the disconnect between my idyllic daydreams of homeschooling and the sometimes grim reality.

So, back to the silent cheese-nibbling... the more I learn about CM the more it has in common with WTM. Whole books, lifestyle of learning and not mere fact-filling, narration... I think inside of me there is a little teacher being pulled in two directions.

-I want my kids to learn according to their ages
-I want my kids to enjoy their childhoods
-I want my kids to respect me
-I want to respect my kids as growing people
-I want my kids to know how to learn
-I want my kids to love learning
-I want my kids to work on hard things

Sometimes I just want them to stop complaining. I never once fell on the floor a sobbing heap when my teacher asked me to do a math worksheet. I never once whined insistently when told to listen to a CD in my room and then talk about it (Ok, I was never asked to do that, but I never whined insistently when told to read the chapter silently either, which is a lot less fun).



Surely I don't have the crummiest kids on earth! I want to like to hang out with them- but the whining and complaining makes me want to run outside screaming!


Check out this great website- you can get quick emails, browse their blog, go to conferences, buy books... a good bookmark. Simply Charlotte Mason

I'm so pleased you are reading Higher Education!
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Teresa (Tracy) Dear


  1. You are so not alone in this area. I have been homeschooling our daughter for four years, she is 10, and she still has daily moments of "I don't want to do this". It has gotten better the more mature she gets but some days are still struggles. I also wish would could have some of the days you described above.

  2. I love your blog. Your idealistic homeschooling verses your realistic homeschooling sounds exactly what I struggle through. I have five kids from 9 to 1. My husband and I have determined to concentrate more on the main subject areas and to expect more. I was having my 9-year old copy two lines of 1 Cor 13 to memorize a day and he told me I should have her copy the whole thing every day until the whole thing is memorized. I thought there's no way she could do that. To my surprise she did it and in much better handwriting! I'm not skipping math problems in the lessons any more either. If it's not done now, it'll have to get done during their free time. It's amazing how much faster and more focused they are now.

  3. I know it's a facet of homeschooling- they're comfortable with us and complain, but on the other hand, even if we are together all the time, they shouldn't feel free to complain and disobey. I forget sometimes that they -and me- are still works in progress.

  4. First of all, I have four kids from 8 to 2, so congratulations on running your household and keeping track of all those kiddoes. You can leave a comment any time, saying whatever you want, if you start it off with "I love your blog!" I think almost everyone is guilty of expecting too little- the world is training us to expect next to nothing! And way to go homeschool dad! You're right- when they WANT to get it done, it's amazing how fast it happens!