06 January 2010

Dad's Job

What is the role of Dad in your family's homeschool? Is he merely the one who funds it, and you run it all with his blessing? Does he teach some of the classes? Does he help you with the big picture and the emotional support? Does he know to throw down some homeschool lingo, tossing out a few phrases as he passes your coffee klatch on his way to the home office?

I asked a few homeschool dads I know to answer the question "What kind of homeschooling does your family do? What is your role in your homeschool?" Here are some of the answers:

"The best kind. We use Sonlight for everything mostly. I am cheerleader, financier, and guest speaker at times."

"Classical education? (question mark audible) Did I get the answer right?"

"We started off doing the Classical model and we're in the process of changing philosophies right now. I've filled in here and there, mainly my role is in the decision making process about what curriculum to use and praying about that. Mainly I'm an encourager, my wife does the nuts and bolts of it."

No matter what the role of the father, communication with him is essential to the smooth funtioning of your homeschool.

Here are a few ideas.

-Dad can call on his lunch time to check on the kid's progress and give any "talks" or encouragement

-Dad can reiterate to the kids that mom is investing herself in them and their future

-Dad can look over lapbooks/notebooks and check their progress as he expresses interest in the topic.

-As the kids learn typing etc. they can communicate with their father through email and sending him papers on their own.

-Mom and Dad can take a weekend or two a year, or a long "business date" during the day a few Saturdays, to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their students, to make big-picture goals for their direction, and such.

I would love to hear how Dad is involved in your homeschool, and tips you have about keeping him up-to-date on stuff!

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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