12 January 2010

Father's Love

Well, I never claimed to be with the times, since the movie came out in September, but maybe this will be new to a few of you. We rented "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the best parts was the police officer, Earl, who was madly in love with his son. His love and affection for his little son contrasted the lack of acceptance- or is it only a communication breakdown? between the main character, Flint, and his father.

"Flint grows up in a very loving family. As a kid, when one of his experiments backfires, Flint is terribly embarrassed and demoralized, but his mom prods him out of his funk by giving him encouragement and speaking of her love for him and her belief in him. Flint's dad has the same feelings deep inside, but can never seem to express them properly. So, later, it's a big deal when one of Flint's inventions ends up translating Dad's thoughts into eloquent words of love and support.

Another father in town, Earl the police officer, repeatedly expresses love for his child, as well. In fact, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is one of those rare movies that casts dads in a very positive light, showing fathers who face intimidating difficulties to protect and aid their children
." from Focus on the Family's movie review site.

My most favorite part by far was when a tidal wave of food was imminent and Earl hurled his son like a football to his wife, who totally caught him and landed hard on a sandwich raft. Earl picks the raft (and his family) over his head and runs with it over and through obstacles. His wife uses a candy-cane to bat incoming food bombs away from the family. Then, he's come to the edge of the sea and seems stuck, but the candy cane suddenly is visible and he is hooked over the top of the raft, where he begins to direct the town away from the food tidal wave.

Like they said in the review, this movie shows fathers as a positive force in a family, fighting to save their family and the island. In fact, Flint's dad tries to save the day by emailing a file to Flint's cell phone (impossible for most of our parents).

I was surprised to see in the credits that Mr. T was the voice of Earl! USA Today article about Mr. T and the movie- good for 30-somethings to read. Here is a list of other great-looking books by the same author as "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."

I'm so pleased you are reading Higher Education!
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