27 January 2010

Mom Brain

Oh my allergies are bothering me. My soft palate is feeling shredded! My nose feels like a wind tunnel but doesn't seem stuffed up-- my throat feels raw... it means that the cedar here in Texas is high. What it really means is that it is that time of year when I sleep with my face covered with the sheet so that I don't dehydrate and die in my sleep.

ok. Sorry.

I was really, really enjoying myself tonight- I had a night out, the first of 10 more, to study Beth Moore's Bible study on the book of Daniel. It got me thinking- the first thing I said when I got home again was "It felt so good to use my brain with these women!"

I think most of the appeal was investigating new material. Diving into something that was a challenge... but I have to admit a lot of the joy was from spending the time with other like-minded adults.

It was especially fun to come home to an aromatic house (chicken) with *gasp* folded laundry on the couch, the sound of the dishwasher running, clean counters, AND a husband, in a good mood no less, regaling me with tales of the dog mess and overflowing toilet, and the part about how he had to get out the machine to clean the carpet and *gasp* dumped out the machine and -rinsed it!- all while I was gone less than three hours.

My favorite part was not putting the kids to bed.

I'm so pleased you are reading Higher Education!
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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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