11 January 2010

Popcorn Ceiling

Oh, oh, oh. Well, I am learning to roll with the punches life hands out. It has been cold all over the country, but here in Texas we are especially stunned by the cold weather. Anywho, we had a pipe burst in not one, not two, but THREE places on Saturday morning. This included the ceiling dripping from all the light fixtures, the fan, the vent- onto the piano, carpet, computer desk, kids books, dining room table, pillow fort that my kids had made, and 3 scrapbooks that happened to be out. *sigh*

Did tell you how we found the third bust? The first two were replaced and the water was turned on. Pshew! Water shooting in a 6-foot arc across the attic. Turn it off! Turn it off!

Well, we used every bath towel, trash can, rubbermaid tote and big drink cup to catch and soak up water. Nathan (two-year old) thought it was helpful to take the smaller cups and dump them into the big bins. Then holes were cut in the ceiling, sopping wet insulation got shoved through, splattering and splashing their way into bins on the floor. The deck is covered with the mess until we haul it through the garage to be thrown away on trash day.

I peeled plastic off the floor. I swept up plaster and insulation fluff. I mopped the floor (acres, it seems) three times! I put the furniture back. I washed loads of towels. Now, I have to prepare for a school week that will be knocked off course by insurance adjusters, and all my stuff moved and covered for days by a ceiling replacement team.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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  1. How awful. So much stuff to replace. I have been following your blog for a while and love it. I am hosting an art giveaway that I thought you might find interesting. Stop by and take a peek when you have a chance.