06 January 2010

Tech Improvements

Well, it's after midnight, and I'm still up trying to figure out my new (for me) iBook. My desktop crashed the other day and my hubby (Thanks!) traded someone for this.

Oooh. Part of me wonders if they really had to change everything, or is it somehow easier this way? I can't figure oI mastered how to skip to the end of the line. I can't delete something by sucking it towards me instead of backing up over it. I can't open multiple screens. Well, Spanish and Russian, and I really enjoyed Japanese and ASL, so I figure there's hope to learn this Applese.

So, like I said, it's late and the baby (now two, gotta stop calling him that) has woken up and is that grumpy kind of not sleeping not awake.

I'm so pleased you are reading Higher Education!
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Teresa (Tracy) Dear


  1. I am so jealous of your iBook aquirement! I have been lusting after, and saving for one for quite some time. I may just have to decimate our desktop in order to creatively procure one the way you did!

  2. He has friends that sell refurbished electronics... I got my Elph camera from them for $100! This time, James' friend (another one) moved and said James could have a broken laptop. When he took it to them to fix up, they took it as a credit, and gave him a credit as a late Christmas present, and they said we could payment plan another $100 for the rest!