08 January 2010


Well, I have to report in on a few things: foremost, I am working out a few of my previously mentioned tech improvements trouble spots (i.e., switching from PC to Mac). Now I can zoom to the end of a line, open new windows, and sometimes properly suck-delete instead of reverse-delete. I got a tutorial from a friend on FB how to copy and paste. So things are perking up... two things more about my Apple upgrade: the laptop is an excellent lap-warmer for these cold nights. Also, the power strip for the lamps and alarm clock is under the bed, dead-center in the middle of my headboard. I plugged the cord for the laptop into it, and I thought you would like to hear that when I went to sleep so late last night, the cord was under my pillow still. As I fell asleep I hoped that the Windows XP fairy wouldn't come and steal it away.

More important than all that, I wanted to report that school is going pretty well. Attitudes are a little choppy still; but that's to be expected. I really think we've gotten a decent amount done this week, even though we took Wednesday off for Contenders prep and had a sleepover guest here today. Jackson has done 2 history lessons and today Claire did Chemistry; tomorrow I think she's going to have a history intensive.

Contenders for the Faith blog is really hopping along; remember, it's the Christian boys scouting club a friend and I started up here in the local homeschool group.

Best of all... wait for it... my (SWB commented!) post about Writing With Ease WON FIRST PLACE at Rainbow Resource for the month of December! $40 woo-hoo!!

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