15 February 2010

Auto-B-Good DVDs

"Auto-B-Good is a five time Emmy Award winning series that can be seen on public television and all around the world. The series is based on the adventures of 9 vehicles, each with their own unique personality, who live in the City of Auto. Each episode is centered around a different Character Development Trait, such as honesty, respect, caring, fairness and many more."

I watched the episode "The Land of Odds." In it, a yellow car named Johnny thinks that being dependable means being boring. When he accidentally gets hit on the hood(head), he has a dream that he is in the Land of Odds, where nothing can be depended on. He learns that undependable does NOT equal exciting as he thought before. This is a great series on developing good character, however, they don't point back to God as being always dependable, or how/why we should become dependable when it is difficult. This DVD is aimed at 3-10 year olds. My kids, 4, 6, and 8, thought it was entertaining and fun. If you've ever seen a "Little Bear" episode, you'll know that each episode is 3 short skits- this series is the same.

At the Auto-B-Good homepage you can find an exhaustive list of good character traits that were covered in the DVDs. Under the button "Games and Fun Stuff" is a parenting tool called "Adopt a Moral Highway." It has 36 lessons for parents to do with their kids to reinforce the character traits the kids will see in the movies. However, you do not need to even watch the movie to benefit from the lesson plans. I can easily imagine a church using these activities and conversation starters. To see an example of activities for the topic "Sportsmanship" click HERE.

You may know that my husband and I are prior Air Force. I really appreciated learning about the Absent Parent Program, a thing where a deployed member of our military can watch a DVD and make notes and questions and drawings on a special DVD liner paper. The, he or she can mail it to their child and the child can watch the same DVD and see what mom or dad had to say about it. It's a way for parents who are absent from their children's everyday lives to be a little more involved. Because it isn't religious in nature, it will appeal to every parent. If you forward this information to a friend in the military, or to your chain of command (so they can know about this resource) I would love to hear about it... leave me a comment!

I received this DVD, a $7.99 value, for free from Rising Star Studios in exchange for writing a review. I hope you found it informative!

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