08 February 2010

Biology- 1st grade

We follow, as you probably know, the The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home, which means first, fifth, and ninth grade have the study of Biology as that year's science. (and can I just mention HOW EXCITED I am to get going on a microscope study in fifth grade!!) First grade Biology is an easy-going investigation of the human body, the animal kingdom, and plants.

Jackson spent last "semester," if you want to call it that, on the human body. Now we are starting our study of the animal kingdom. If you remember from WTM, this whole year is an encyclopedia-based study. Some parents find that a little overwhelming, since there isn't a laid-out plan for each day's lesson... but I like it. I let Jackson choose a body system or animal (depending on what we're studying) and then we go with it.

(Here's an example of a perfect science lesson from last year.)

(If you're intimidated by so little guidance, look here for a homeschool mom's lesson plans for every WTM year of science.)

Remember to gently direct your kids to not do all cute and cuddly animals, or not all fierce and scaly ones, as gender or preference may dictate. You definitely want them to explore what they love, but stretch them a little to also check out how strange a slug, blowfish, toucan, or swordfish can be.

I created a form for Jackson to fill out that uses the "big science words" like hibernate, omnivore, endangered, and camouflaged. When we fill it out together- circling choices or filling in the blanks, we can talk again about what the words mean. The entire right side of the page is blank so he can jot down more info. Sure, when he studies chameleons, he could just circle "four legs" but why not write "zygodactyl" on the side too? This is true for most of the answers, like circle "land" but write "tropical forests" on the side.

This form will also work for any type of resource too. It is open-ended so that pretty much any encyclopedia or reference work will have this information. I really like it.

As I printed off the form I made for Jackson's first grade study of the animal kingdom, I thought maybe some of you would appreciate it. Email me at dearmama4x (@) gmail (.) com and I'll send you the PDF. Of course, if you want to become a follower of Higher Education in exchange, that would be great. Feel free to edit it to meet your needs.

animal collage

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