02 February 2010

Blog Empire

So as I near my one-year blogging anniversary, I wonder at the point of all this. When I started all this writing, I set a goal for myself and a time limit of 18 months. I started on March 17th, so I have till September to judge if I am "a success."

I asked my husband tonight if I don't think I am "successful" then, what should I do? Stop writing? He was like, "yeah." So, he doesn't really have to think about it, but I have really enjoyed getting my thoughts in order. Twice my computer has crashed and I have gone email, Facebook, blog and internet free. Like the days when I run out of creamer and don't have any coffee, it hasn't killed me. I haven't suffered horribly and felt as if a limb was missing. No one in the blogosphere has perished without my musings. However, I know I am a writer. I don't feel like I need to be published (ie, paid) to BE a writer. It is who I am, like a woman or mother or Jesus-follower.

So how do I know how to quit? What should I judge my success or lack thereof from? Initially, I wanted to do two things:

-make enough blogging to pay my monthly internet bill ($60)
-reach people who could be impacted by what I have to say

Now, I want to feel part of a community too. Writing on my blogs has been awesome because so much of what was in my head is out. I talk a lot less!

I enjoy reading a few blogs out there, mainly ones that glorify God. Ever since I have been pining for comments, I have started leaving comments when I read. As a blogger, it's so encouraging! I have emailed a little with other bloggers.

Have you ever been having a wonderful and animated talk about a topic you love with someone who understands you- then you realize you don't know how long ago the phone cut off, and you were talking to yourself? Sometimes that's how I feel when I have so few comments. I don't want to "pressure" anyone by any means, I just don't want this to be a narcissistic endeavor focused on me me me. But I love you, man, whoever you are out there in blogland.

I'm so pleased you are reading Higher Education!
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Teresa (Tracy) Dear


  1. I just had my blogoversary last month. I thought it might be a nice little bit of side money, but I made a whopping $2 last year. Ha! I'll continue blogging, because my goals are not financial (although I wouldn't turn any blog income away!). Like you, I want to share my work and resources with others. But I also love having my blog as a kind of digital scrapbook. It's so fun to look back and see what we've done over the past year. That is invaluable to me!
    Good luck with your decision!

  2. Last month was the most I have made yet- $22 from Amazon!! That's a third of my cable bill! Woo-hoo!