16 March 2010

Spring Everywhere!

Well, spring has sprung- Now it is dark in the morning when we wake up. They're selling 6-inch tall tomato plants at my grocery store, which makes me feel behind- our seeds just came in the mail the other day. I feel good about the vegetables, but I am a little overwhelmed when I see the size of the patches I planned to plant for wheat and sunflowers. I found a plan for a homemade oil press online and I want to press our own oil this fall, hence the sunflowers.

Our chickies are about a month old, and they are getting bigger every day. They get more of their own character as their feathers fill out and their coloring becomes more distinctive. Man, do they drink a lot of water! It was hard to pay over $5 for two dozen eggs yesterday, when I imagined my soon-to-be-free supply of eggs.

We lost one chick as we unpacked the carrier when we brought them home, otherwise we haven't had any casualties. I'm looking forward to getting them out of the garage and into their coop. We're using an old swingset A-frame as a base. Of course, I don't plan on it being as beautiful as the one above, but that is our size/shape we're going for.

I was very ambitious and planned an entire bed of "chicken crops," or crops that will yield different grains/seeds for chicken feed, including pumpkins, chard, and radishes for them to peck. Now, when I'm always thinking self-sufficiency, if it rains, I just wonder how many gallons of water I'm not collecting!

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear


  1. Have you lost any chicks? I gave mine some veggie scraps -although it may be too early for that. I'm so impressed with the oil pressing - that sounds neat!

  2. We initially bought 8 chicks. When we brought them home from the feed store, we had them in their temporary home under the light with food and water within an hour and 15 minutes. However, one died soon after we took her out of the transport box. We figured we might lose more, so we got 3 more, but we haven't had any other deaths. clothespinned a chard leaf from the ceiling of their box and it was GONE!

  3. I made the oil press into a link if anyone is interested. It needs welding, but we have a friend who does. Even the cheapest small batch press is thousands of dollars otherwise!