10 May 2010

Uncover Exciting History by Amy Puetz

Homeschoolers really do graduate and go on to succeed in life, in case you had heard otherwise from neighbors and grandparents. Amy Puetz, author of multiple homeschool materials including today's review, Uncovering Exciting History, is living proof of this.

Uncovering Exciting History is a history book set up much like Story of the World. Written from a Christian worldview set out to glorify God, it covers American history from Christopher Columbus up to the Navajo code talkers of WWII. In addition, it includes extra chapters with short bio/stories of 4 more historical figures.

I enjoyed her book for selfish reasons. I grew up on the east coast and loved the story of the lost colony of Roanoke. Also, I was a linguist in the Air Force and until the movie "Codetalkers" came out a few years ago, not many knew of the Navajo codetalkers. Both of these stories are included.

The writing is very clear, with a high vocabulary usage and conversational questions woven through the narrative. At the end of each chapter are a half-dozen or more comprehension questions.

I thought it was very engaging and also a joy to hear the God-glorifying details in the stories.

A $16.50 value, this book was given to me for free (in the electronic version) so that I could review it for MamaBuzz. Hope it was informative!

I'm so pleased you are reading Higher Education!
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