21 June 2010

Balance Benders

You know how you have those talks with people (who don't homeschool) about your ability (or lack thereof) to homeschool your kids? The talks where they clearly (or subtly) say that since you don't have a teacher's certificate, you surely are unable to educate your own children?

When your'e with a fellow homeschooler, you feel free to say things like "Oh, I have learned so much this year!" or "I didn't like geometry, but when I did it with my daughter, I really 'got' it." or "Why didn't I ever even hear about this in school!"

Well, I think this logic and algebraic reasoning workbook, Balance Benders, is going to be like that. I didn't get any logic training in school aside from the short introduction to the principles when in a debate class, when they explained the ways we could break down the opponent's argument. So, this book was a challenge to me.

One thing I would change if I could: I would move the section entitled "Balance Tips (Algebra Concepts)" from pages 41-42 to right after the table of contents. I attempted the first problem and felt frustrated... been a long time since Algebra! Then I found the review of concepts in the back and it was much more productive.

I'm confident that my kids will be more equipped to tackle logic problems than I am with the consistently challenging problems found in the Balance Benders workbooks. Check out their website- it is full of books that teach logic from the subject of science, reading, math skills, and also "Daily Mind Builders" and "Think-a-Minute" workbooks that get the brain going at the beginning of the day!

This was a review for MamaBuzz. In exchange for the review, I received a free copy of the Grades 2-6 workbook, a $9.99 value, from the Critical Thinking Co. I hope you found it useful!

If your household already inspires critical thinking, maybe you should enter their Critical Thinking Heroes contest.

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  1. Rebecca Jemison RRHSJune 24, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    I really enjoy the math books that show the concepts and logic behind the structure. Sounds like a great book.