11 June 2010

Wrapping Up?

I've been dragging the kids to swim lessons early each morning this week, thankful each day when I turn off the alarm at 7:50 that I don't have to get up that early every day! I love the HOMEschool lifestyle.

I've been reading a ton from homeschoolers who are wrapping up their school year and already planning for next year. Ha! I like planning for next year because it's a clean slate ready to be marked on, as of yet unruined.

We have such an easy day most days, that we school all year. It may sound harder at first, but I much prefer an easier day and a steady schedule year-round, than pounding the books for a few months and then having no schedule for a few months. Man! the YMCA has been overrun by the kids out of school for the summer. The Y is full- every room, every bleacher, every lane in the pool. Yuk. I'll take a school day any day!

I've been looking back over the year as we aim to wrap up our studies this summer. Even with all the setbacks and distractions and stress (7 months unemployment, anyone else?) I would call this school year a success.

Third Grade:

I figure that most people don't know much about Chemistry before high school; I certainly didn't. So I count our study of Chemistry a success because we did a handful of experiments, learned what it even IS, and read about the exciting history/ discovery of it as a science in The Mystery of the Periodic Table.

We finished up our history course by discarding Story of the World for the moment and studying the Revolutionary War using the Liberty's Kids video series instead of a book. We read (and "translate" to modern English) the Declaration of Independence. And we're reading a great book comparing King George to George Washington next.

First Grade

My son didn't open a book during his first-grade study of the Plant Kingdom, but we did plant veggie seeds, watch them sprout, transplant them, protect them from hungry bugs, encourage frog and worm habitats, and are eagerly watching flowers develop into vegetables. So that was counted successful. His study of the human body and the animal kingdom was research-based from our encyclopedias, filling out worksheets, so it was nice to get outside (and outside the box!) for the Plant Kingdom. I think we'll finish up with some classification study and call it good.

His ancient history study was more spotty- he really enjoyed listening to the Story of the World Audiobook CD while he built with Legos. Then he really enjoyed reading Gilgamesh and Hercules- they're so good that I wrote an entire post about the author, Geraldine McCaughrean. I should probably do some mapwork of the ancient world with him and call it quits.

My four-year old is writing her name, but in the wrong order. LLiY or something instead of Lily. But she's drawing people and fish and will come to me and say "what does this say?" and will show me her sheet: MILLE or MOH. She'll be very proud that she "knew" how to write Aunt Milly's name or the word moth!!

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