31 August 2010

Back-to School Blues... Already?

We have been back at it for over a week now... the first 3 or 4 days were golden and beautiful. Then we had Friday, and the weekend, and here we are, practically to hump day and sort of dragging.

We are trying to focus on good attitude and attention span. The newness of my campaign seems to have worn thin already!

Math is going well, although my fourth-grader's workbook has been MIA all week and she and I are doing drills. My kindergardener is intimidated by the ABCs for some reason so we are working on numbers. I can't believe she's practically 5! Physics is going well, but I wish that our WTM- suggested book had more explanations in it. I don't want to sound like I'm winging it! But Claire's experiment sheets are turning out beautifully.

I am also very pleased with their narration and copywork/dictation skills. I explained to my son that the chapter we read is like a movie, so he needs to condense it down into a commercial or preview. That seems to work well for him. Today they all found it utterly hilarious that the Spartans were naked in his book.

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