23 August 2010

Day One

My little girl, nearly 5, got up this morning and put on her favorite dress. Puffy sleeves, deep peacock blue, with flowers, buttons, and a bow in back. I put her hair to the side with a matching clip and she was all set for her first day of kindergarden. (sigh...)

First I told her how we use the dotted lines on the page. She wrote her first name, we talked about the lines, we wrote it again. I said we would also do our last name. I talked her through the 4 letters. You'd have thought that our last name was Knostantinoplesohn or something!

Meltdown! I was informed that only ABC's are kindergarden. That I would be getting a frowny-face on my paper. That she wasn't going to listen to me anymore, and she was DONE!

Then I listened to her route to her bedroom by the banging and crashing sounds making a trail. My son, today is second grade, ran behind her cleaning up, so that he could announce: "I cleaned up all of Lily's tantrum, can I have points for being on a team?!"

And so it goes.

We are taking the schoolwork expectations slow. We are focusing on just 3 things for 6 weeks. They are:

  1. working as a team in the family
  2. having a cheerful, uncomplaining attitude
  3. practice focus and growing an attention span

I'm glad to report that both my 2nd and 4th graders (eeek!) did their copywork/ narration/ dicatation beautifully, math was stellar and tear-free, and we're breaking for lunch. We're going to return for history or science. Great start, team!

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  1. I love hearing about her meltdowns! TOO FUNNY! (for me of course)

  2. Yea! I can leave a comment! Thanks for fixing it.

    I love your goals, and may steal them here. And your story about your daughter (and son) totally cracked me up!

  3. awesome!! your second grader sounds just like mine!!

  4. Darling, may I confess to my shame, that I have not read very many of your posts before. I am delighted that I followed the link you put on FB. Your comments or so honest, so funny, so insightful. Hmm....now what does that remind me of? Oh, it's YOU! I am thanking our Lord that you are home again with your little dears (har, har, I made a funny) and that you are still appreciating being there to get frowny faces on your paper and be corrected about the content of Kindergarten. Love you!