19 August 2010

Someone Like Me

Monday night was the first meeting of the local homeschool group for the 10-11 school year. This year I am the Secretary/Treasurer and so I have been learning the behind-the-scenes flow.

It was a joy to go to the meeting and see the familiar faces and new faces and even though I had to stand up and explain about the clubs I help run, it was a fun night. We are trying to bring the club back to it's roots- an interesting excursion since not many of us were here when it started up.

Many of us felt like we would LIKE to get to know the other moms, but never get a chance to because when we get together at a function, we're always watching the kids or helping with the craft. So I planned a coffee at my house, purely for fun, so the moms could begin creating relationships with each other. I'm excited to see how it turns out!

I was chatting with another member of the leadership team for quite a while and the most coherent thing I came up with was something like this: It's nice to go to the meetings and hear about HOW to homeschool, or about transcripts or different methods, but mainly I want to hang out with other people who share my lifestyle. I want to talk with other parents who are with their kids all day. I want to hear that other kids whine about math. I want to hear about their dishes and vacuuming schedule and what they say to their mother-in-laws who don't understand what we're doing. I like the instructional speakers at the meetings, but mostly I go to get to know the other homeschoolers!

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  1. Hey Tracy! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! I feel I can relate to you and I don't even know you. Anyways, today begins my homeschool journey. The state revoked the charter for my son's school, which was a classical model, so now I begin the work of teaching him myself from home. Like you, I'm a busy mom with 3 kids (ages 6,2, and 1). I did my schooling already and have my degree with plans to continue in post-graduate work soon, and I love the english language and everything it entails, grammar, creative writing, etc... I am also fluent in French (lived abroad), so I relate to your Russian training. Anyways, I would love guidance in starting off as a new homeschooler, trying to figure out the classical way. I've heard so much about WTM that I plan to start there for better understanding. Tracy, so awesome to meet you over the web!! You seem like a simply wonderful person and someone I feel I would "click with" although I don't even know you! I subscribed to your blog. You can see mine at boisebrandts I think (shameful, I don't even know my blog). Talk more soon! Stephanie

  2. wow! What praise! Hope you enjoy the old stuff while I write up some new. Go to my WTM based curriculum review site, Classical Curriculum. It's under resources or mama4x I think. You on FB?

  3. So glad that you are back at it as a family. Will you try How to teach your child with 100 easy lessons? I did with my twins in K year, but didn't find the Donna Young info about that book until just lately. yeah for the MOMMY!

  4. I taught the older two how to read by going through the "bob" books, so we'll probably stick with that unless we run into difficulty.