05 August 2010

Where I've Been

... I've been working full-time at a local day care. I worked there over 10 years ago when I was engaged and a newlywed. It's nice as far as childcare centers go. It has a big focus on learning, with ABC instruction, educational concept lessons, great imagination- based toys, Spanish lessons, etc. They've put in a lot of improvements in the last 10 years- a splash park, a putt-putt course, an indoor playground, a gymnasium, a computer lab, and a special kitchen for the kids to do projects in. I called them up last month and the director told me to come on in and go through orientation, that I could have a four-year-old class for all of July. The substitute pay (pretty much sucks) is low but it's better than the $0.00 I was making at home while James is unemployed.

Plus, I could bring all four kids for FREE. The younger two would just be in the day care side, but my school-agers would be going on field trips every day. I envisioned them enjoying the field trips and new friendships, but with bonus " homeschool indoctrination" opportunities: they would hate getting up early, they would miss playing with their Legos/reading for hours on end, they would probably encounter some meanness and would have to endure institutional-style treatment (including lining up, waiting, no food choices, teachers etc).

All in all I thought it would be a nice change before our new school year started up. But oh man, it has been tough! Getting up was hard on us for the first week, but now it's not so bad. That's what I had really dreaded; the getting four kids up and out of the house clean, fed, and presentable.

But it was far worse when we showed up- my youngest two were sobbing, pulling on my clothes miserable for the first week and a half. Then my older two were sobbing at pick-up time, reporting horrible things.

And none of that includes what I was learning in my class! When my class had to rush inside from the playground so we didn't re-enact a tearful, scream-inducing meeting with my two-year-old in the hall, the four year olds wisely told me, "you gotta earn money, though."

More on this later... Some of you have commented that you miss me... well to be honest I didn't think I had any readers (by lack of comments) so I didn't feel obligated to write... glad to know someone is out there reading me!!

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  1. I am so glad your back. I know I don't comment often but I check your blog a couple times a week and do enjoy your posts.

  2. Glad you are well and back to posting. Unemployment can make us make difficult choices. I know you didn't make big $, but I understand that any $ can help. I hope your dh finds a job soon. Hang in there. SOunds like you found a great learning experience for your kids this summer. Hard uncomfortable life lessons are important too. (hugs)

  3. My heart goes out to you! I found your blog through TWTM's resources page. Hang in there - we went through really difficult days (read: really, really broke) when our girls were little. If anything, maybe this experience has reassured you of your decision to homeschool. We stuck it out, 11 years so far, and now have one starting college next week, and one starting homeschool high school. I really like your blog. I hope you keep at it. Hugs, Cindy