05 September 2010

HSLDA: Got Our Backs

Texas: Education Agency Audit of Public Schools

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

A recent article in the Houston Chronicle has caused some alarm in the Texas homeschool community. However, HSLDA believes that the Texas Education Agency is acting in an appropriate manner in combating fraud in the public schools.

The Chronicle's article of September 2, 2010, entitled "High Number of Home-Schooled Students Leads to State Audit," is a follow-up to its March 10, 2010, article regarding possible fraud in public schools. Darren Jones of HSLDA sent out an e-lert regarding that article, clarifying some of the inaccurate statements that the Chronicle had made.

In the most recent Chronicle article, the Texas Education Agency has revealed that in an attempt to combat public-school fraud, it will be conducting an audit of students who have recently withdrawn from public middle or high schools. It appears possible that some public
schools are claiming that students who are withdrawing from their school are going to be homeschooled, when the student may simply be quitting. This means that the public school would not have to report a student as a dropout.

HSLDA fully supports the Texas Education Agency's effort to make sure that public schools are accurately reporting and to make sure that state money is not misspent. However, if you or any other homeschoolers are harassed in any way by the TEA, please let us know so that we can assist you.

Darren A. Jones
Staff Attorney

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  1. GOODGRIEF! What some people will do to muddy the effort a home educator is making... I wonder if the letter to pull a student is required in Texas schools... It wasn't required in Illinois, but I used it anyway. That letter verified our intent and wouldn't allow anyone to misuse our withdrawal. Those paper trails would make it easy for TEA to audit public schools.