28 October 2010

The Latest News

So... been livin' in limbo lately, since Tropical Storm Hermine flooded our house the first week of September. Has it really been that long? We are still displaced and staying with my parents across town. We aren't planning on going back to that house for a variety of reasons, including ongoing unemployment. *sigh* The new laundry room is spacious and beautiful.

Also, sadly, we had to put down our "old man dog," our Boxer-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Eli. It was sad and horrible and it's hard to imagine our life resuming normal without him. It's probably been easier on all of us since we're displaced, and he was at a friend's house for 3 weeks, but there is definitely a hole in our lives. His eulogy is here, if you're interested. I was sitting at a red light and picked a piece of lint off my sleeve. I thought about finding some Eli hairs on clothes or bedding that is packed in boxes when we finally get settled... found myself welling up with tears.

I got approved for a homeschool scholarship from the Homeschool Foundation!! I filled out an application, they sent my friend a form (to be a reference), and then they sent me a check! They asked my friend if she thought it was likely that we'd continue to homeschool, if it continued to be a challenge financially. I thought that was a good question. They also sent me a scholarship for a one-year membership to the HSLDA. This weekend I am placing my order with Rainbow Resource and I should get our new books next week!!

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  1. WOW! Brilliant! It is so wonderful that the help exists and it is given to those who need it. Keep going and thanks for not giving up.

  2. I'm so sorry, & I know you're missing your own space! You'll be in my prayers. My in-laws were flooded by that storm too. Hope your chickens are okay!

  3. I am sorry so much has happened to your family in such a short amount of time. But very glad you were able to get some help to continue homeschooling.