10 November 2010

New School Books!!

Ah, hello. Dear readers, whom I have neglected. So sorry!

Guess what?

Remember I got the scholarship from the Homeschool Foundation? Well I made my order at the wonderful Rainbow Resource Center. (Did you know they have a wishlist feature? I was able to make my order really easily because I just moved my items from the wishlist to the cart. And the other thing I love is the feature that automatically adds up your total as you fill the cart. And, they always have free shipping after you hit $150- great since books weigh so much.)

So here's what we have coming to us next week!

"Fun" stuff for all of the Kids

Character Building for Families Vol. 1
10 Things Future Mathmtns & Scntsts Must Know
Choosing Your Way Through World’s Ancient Past
Building Spanish Vocabulary

For Jackson (2nd grade)

Galileo and the Stargazers CD
Cloud Book

For Claire's Science (4th grade)

Computer Basics
Electricity and Magnetism (Usb Understnd Sci)
Physics Rocks! CD and Activity Book
Simple Machines Gr. 4-6 (Machines & Motion)

Claire's History/ TX study

Texas History
All Around Texas: Regions and Resources
Our Government Rocks! CD and Activity Book
Story of the World Vol. 4 Activity Book
Story of the World Vol. 4: Modern Age
United States Government Chart

English/Grammar/Writing for everyone when we determine where they are

First Language Lessons for Well-Trained Mind L3 Teacher
Writing With Ease Level One Workbook
Writing With Ease Level Two Workbook
Writing With Ease Level Three Workbook

Isn't it great that our family was blessed in this way!

I'm so pleased you are reading Higher Education!
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