25 February 2011

Homeschool Yahoo Groups

I wanted to give props to my local Yahoo! group... it's called Round Rock HOME (homeschoolers offering Moms encouragement) and I have been a part of it for 2 years. Last year, 2009-2010, I went as a guest with a friend on the first night of the year- a good meeting to go to. I got the introduction/explanation all up front instead of sporadically through the year.

They do park days each week, rotating around the local parks. They have a "not back to school party" and a welcome summer/field day. They have a party on the major holidays and service projects and field trips throughout the year. This year they're organizing a camping trip too!

But the second best part of the group is the Yahoo! site itself. It's like a forum where everyone gets the messages and can respond, and all the responses are visible to everyone. Or you can look in the database and contact just the one person you need. What's great about it is that not only can we plan field trips, we can ask developmental questions, curriculum advice, share school tips, links and articles, or ask for and receive encouragement. I love to see the responses when someone cries out in frustration and gets an inbox-full of love and assistance.

The most best part is the ladies and families I have gotten to know. It's so nice to hang out with other families that work like mine! Other people that trust their own skills and their kids' abilities. Other women who have the same doubts and certainties that I do. Meeting strangers at the different functions and having so much in common that we laugh at the same jokes. We understand how each other's homes work, and so much more.

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  1. Enjoyed your fair MOTH article over at Homeschool-Articles.com it was good. I have tried to changed my schedule to fit their plan recently...still trying. Thanks Oh plan to reprint for this weekend too...thanks

  2. i am glad to know that yahoo! has started nice homeschooling blogs.. thanks to you too that you shared the information with us :)