10 May 2011

"Weekly Intensives"

Last month and this week we are trying a semi-break approach to school.

A while back we did a week-long focus on grammar. Each day we tackled a couple of parts of speech.

This week we are tackling geography. Five times over the course of the day I called my son or daughter to me and we went through the continent of South America. We have a nice sturdy puzzle of the continent, and to start out with we'd take all the pieces out. At first, I talked the most as they put it back together. As the day wore on, they did all the talking and I was surprised how quickly they learned the info when that's all we did.

Here are the points we covered for South America:
  1. Columbia is the link country between Central and South America.
  2. Brazil is the largest country.
  3. In Brazil they speak Portuguese.
  4. All the rest of the countries speak Spanish.
  5. The Amazon River is in the top third of Brazil.
  6. Bolivia is landlocked.
  7. Paraguay is landlocked.
  8. Chile is the long thin one.
  9. The Andes run between Chile and Argentina.
  10. Peru has famous ruins built by the Incans.
  11. The Galapagos Islands are where the old land turtles live.
  12. Antarctica is south of South America.
  13. the Equator is (this) line.
  14. The Atlantic is to the East.
  15. the Pacific is to the West.
No big crazy list, but the top points for now. Next we're doing Africa, then Europe/western Europe, then the far east, and last north America (to include the 50 states).

What do you do for geography? I've heard of some memory trick books that use music, imaginative pictures of what countries are shaped like, etc, but haven't used any myself.

Here are some online map quizzes, some have downloadable blank maps to print.

Sheppard Geography games- good for fast internet
Owl & Mouse Geography games- click and drag
the one I like best is "test your geography knowledge"

Here's Rainbow Resource's maps... awesome...

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  1. I like the idea of taking a week at a time to tackle certain concepts! :)

    We have 2 huge wall maps (huge...as in they take up the wall, all the way down our hallway, lol), one of the world, one of the United States. We are blessed to have people in our lives that travel a lot (too bad we can't travel more). Each person/family has a color and any time the boys get a post card, or word that someone is someplace new, they stick that person's corresponding color thumbtack on the map. Then they Google away. :)

    We are computer junkies through and through, so we also use a lot of online resources, like geography games, and geography lists, from some of our favorite sites.

    Great post, and thanks so much for sharing those printables! :)

  2. thank you so much for sharing the information. i am so glad to read this.