28 November 2011

Single-Celled Organisms Resources for Homeschoolers

I love biology and microscopes, cellular biology, in particular. I wrote a post detailing our microscope purchase. I wanted to let you follow this link (Teachers' Domain) to a short Quicktime video about single-celled organisms.

I had recently seen a great short animated video showing the bustling activity in a cell that I wanted to share with you. David Bolinsky, a medical animator, said that cells are the "envy of nanotechnologists" in their abilities and irreducible wonder. The video doesn't have any voice-over, but would be nice to play while you turn off the music and read to your kids about the complexity of the cell and how amazing it is that God created it so well, to behave so efficiently.

Here's a Discovery Channel video showing (with narration) the DNA replication and formation of a protein.

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  1. great and informative videos... thanks for sharing dear :)