30 November 2011

Travel Toys to Defeat Boredom at Home

We just got back from a loong roadtrip the week of Thanksgiving. It was extended by three nights in Tennessee when the transmission died and we had to get it replaced. We spent 4 days in a hotel. We watched TV (ooh! The History Channel's "History of Cans!") Who could resist?!!), swam in the indoor pool literally three times a day, and ordered pizza and sandwiches for dinner every night. Thank God for continental breakfasts at hotels!!

When there was nothing appropriate on TV we were a bit strapped for activities. We did a load of wash. We rode the elevator. We got hot cocoa in the lobby. We hopped the first-floor balcony and played in the field behind the hotel. I had one stash of unread books in the exterior pocket of the suitcase. We wrote our postcards. I cleaned out my cell phonebook.

But there are many things you can carry with you that take up very little room that are ideal for many situations. For instance, you might be waiting all morning at the doctor's office. You might be at a layover between flights. Or the power could have gone out because of a hurricane or ice storm.

Until December 12 Rainbow Resource Center has free shipping on anything from the Holiday and Toy catalog. I set up the link to open in the toy department. No Problemo.

Woo Hoo!! Did you hear that?! Free shipping on orders over $25 until  Dec 12th!!

Many of the following items I like are from Rainbow Resource Center:
  1. a shoebox of dominoes and a book of domino games
  2. a peanut butter jar of GeoMags- magnetic rods with steel balls
  3. some abridged Cranium games- they're in small sturdy boxes
  4. Wikki Stix- silent, pliable, non-melting or staining wax sticks
  5. scrabble tiles in a portable banana-shaped bag
  6. don't forget standbys like paper and pencils!
My son can be entertained for long periods of time with his knot-tying book and a shoelace. My daughters enjoy using a modern, more durable version of paper dolls- but they have magnetic clothes. My MIL gave the kids some king-size sheets to build forts with. Many of our homeschool math manipulatives can be used to entertain them for a long time- such as pattern blocks and tangrams.

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  1. i liked it.. it's a nice thing to play with during travelling. my kids would love it.