03 December 2011

Spanish Goals For the Kids

I've added some new activities to our Spanish lessons. Don't get excited- our lessons aren't very structured. I know Spanish well and like languages so I'm not sticking to some sort of curriculum. You can see my other post on basic instruction.

I really like the First Thousand Words in Spanish series. They have a lot of languages available to choose from. The pictures are friendly, detailed and clear. The book is big enough to share comfortably and I figured out a new way to use it.

We play "I spy" with it. I say "Yo veo..." and I point to the picture around the perimeter. Then the kids look for that picture in the drawing and when they find it, they say "Yo veo___." Sometimes I pantomime clues (I stood up today and did the pee-pee dance, saying "Donde esta el bano?!" very dramatically. That's what kind of mom I am; might not work for you!) Another time I said "El gato dice "Meow" to give them a clue when I didn't have the picture in the perimeter to point to.

Another way you could stretch this book is by studying the colors and then doing a color search on any given page. Or counting (in Spanish) how many girls are on a page, etc.

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