05 December 2011

Why I don't Like Moon Sand

Look at those kids! Playing happily with their Moon Sand. Some loving adult invested their money in a battery-free toy for these lucky kids. Aw. How excited they are to mold and shape it. See how they haven't spilled it. None appears to be outside the confines of their little Moon Sand Mat. How idyllic. Hm.

I really dislike Moon Sand. There's a reason for that. I did get some. We used it alot. I didn't throw it out or give it away. By that I mean I didn't actively maliciously by accident throw it in the trash can or Goodwill box. I did, however, sweep it up molecule by molecule off the floor and table and my socks until it was pretty much gone. No, I am wrong. There was quite a bit stuck impenetrably in the crevices and corners of the molding shapes that came with the kit.

It sorta sticks to itself. It sorta sticks to the table. It likes to stick to damp little children's  paws  hands. It also sorta doesn't like to stick to itself and the precious little buildings and creatures you attempt to make seem to slowly melt. Ugh. Ok, I'm done.

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  1. I gave up on Moon Sand a LOOOONNNGGG time ago! We've been having fun with Crayola Modeling Magic though if you want to try that. It dries out though so don't leave it open.

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  3. my kids got bored of it when they grew up.. so i had to give it away :D nice post by the way :)