18 January 2012

A New Method of Homeschooling For This Season

We have gone through some phases in the past few years of our homeschool. This is normal for all of us; we need to keep in mind that it's not only normal for our friends or neighbors, but is also ok for US.

We did intensive Well Trained Mind for a few years. Then my still little baby turned into a toddler and the preschooler started "real" schoolwork and we eased up a little. This was when my Cactus Flower was pretty prickly relationaly and we had to stop things at least a few times a week to get her re-centered. I started to feel like this guy:

Then we became involved in a local homeschool group, and the kids made friends and joined clubs. That was only a day a week, so we dropped our "off day" and substituted club/park day. In theory.

Now all the kids are bigger and older and smarter and not napping, not getting into stuff as much, but the converse side of that coin is they are more sneaky and try to shirk schoolwork more often.

I was in the wrong line when homeschool kids were issued. I meant to get into the "motivated and self-starters, diligent without training" line but I seem to have received a set of kids from the "start after whining and dash away when mom warms her coffee" line. When we get a great day of schoolwork done, I feel like this salesgirl from a Norman Rockwell:

Anywho, I hesitate to label the phase we are in now as "plodding along" but that's what fits. We keep going. There aren't any magical projects or impressive visuals to show for it, but that goes with plodding. So we are going along. Doing the next thing. Checking off the next subject. You did science yesterday; today we're reading for History. How many seconds did you shave off your math drill's best time?

So onward and upward we go. They keep getting older, and they surprise me now and then.

-Lily did an entire math worksheet joyfully with counting bears. (They were coming and going out of the "house" to visit their grandma bear, depending if it was an "add" or a "take-away.")
-Jackson is reading "The Call of the Wild" and not enjoying it! What is that about?!

-Claire is interested in spelling words correctly (what?!) because she is on chapter five of a book she's writing, about a girl named Lola who moves from Tennessee to Texas.

-Nathan is recognizing "N" everywhere. He loves New Balance shoes for this reason. Instead of being sad because I compare what my firstborn was doing at his age, I am excited that he knows what his name starts with.

- I am more and more often leaving the housework for AFTER the schoolwork is done. I can't find who said it, but I love the quote "If you want to come see my house, call and make an appointment. If you'd like to come see us, come on over."

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  1. with time everything has changed so much.. so is the homeschooling methods. kids of this generation are born smarter :)