12 January 2012

That Spark From Learning to READ!

My stubborn, smart, sassy, sharp little girl- six last November- read three board books with me this evening.

(sigh of contentment)

Here we are working on a math worksheet soon after her birthday. It was a really big deal for her to do it with me- she brought the worksheet to me, and allowed me to deign to show her how to slide the counting blocks from one side of the blanket to the other as she worked out the problems.

She will walk out of the room when I suggest doing schoolwork. She even will be enjoying reading or cooking with me, and when I throw in something educational, she will abandon a fun activity in order to avoid learning formally.

Her nickname is Cactus Flower- be wary, she can be prickly.

So last week I was sitting in my chair with the four year old playing an ABC game on my phone together. It was pretty basic-  there'd be "C_T" with a cat head and of course he's supposed to choose the A in the corner. Then, if he's right, the cat gets on a skateboard and you have to choose the first letter to the same word- there are four helmets with letters on them, and he's supposed to choose the helmet with the "C" on it.

Well he and I were doing it, I was sounding everything out and telling him all the answers and she was looking over our shoulders. But, of course, not getting involved, no matter how fun it was, because it was learning. But I was watching her. She was up on her toes, leaning in toward the phone, and I could see her trying to sound out the words with her cute little poochy lips. And she'd get grumpy when he got to touch the screen- wasn't she not playing?

Then tonight she was sounding out the words, and I grabbed her by the hand, pumped it up and down and pretended to be a reporter- "Wow, ma'am, that was amazing! Where'dya learn to read like that!! Call the papers! Get on the phones! Put it on the internet! Glad to meet ya! What a reader!" in my fastest most greasy fast-talking reporter-from-the-movies voice, and she just ate it right up.

First we read "Up, Up in the Sky" and then "On your Potty!" and last "The Best Ride." Silly board books from our baby book bin. Of course, she jumped ahead a few times with what she knew it said, and she shot daggers at her brother when he threw out a phrase (he had just had it read to him) correctly, but she really did sound out the words and stick the sounds together into words.

She was really proud of herself, and our last page dissolved into a tickle fest.

I'm so excited.

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  1. Christine HollingsworthJanuary 13, 2012 at 9:58 PM

    LilyPad is a smart chicky-poo! Emily tolerates me helping her sound out words, but not easily. She would rather guess every word she knows that starts with that letter than actually sound it out. Sigh. We did read a whole page from Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading yesterday. I'll take what I can get :-)

  2. lol.. i loved the last part most. those funny children books. it's really irksome to make my kids complete their homework. they are always running from homework.. :-/