What on earth does a woman like me do in her spare time? Write, mainly. Of course we do school, and I clean up after the kids and the dogs... there's always the kitchen sink to clear... but when when the house gets dark and quiet, I'm up late, writing.

Higher Education: A blog investigating Classical Education in general, and our homeschool lifestyle in particular. Check out what we're studying and how we spend our time. Peek into the house of a homeschool family that doesn't dress the boys in matching khakis and the girls in long denim dresses, yet doesn't spend their days counting flower petals in a field somewhere either.

Classical Curriculum: a website designed to help homeschool families choose the best curriculum for their needs. Organized so you can search by grade or by subject, it highlights what I think is the best way to classically educate your child! These curriculum choices are based on the classical education plan laid out by Susan Wise Bauer in her book, The Well-Trained Mind.

This site is going to be continually updated as I post more reviews. Thanks for your patience!

New Mercy: A blog detailing the journey I am on with the God of the universe, where I try to build monuments to what He's teaching me. I try to consistently do His will, and learn to shed my selfish habits. Life is crummy sometimes, and I couldn't get through it without His sustaining, unfailing love. This blog has a special focus on women who feel alone in their marriage, or who are enduring a separation from their husband, but want to glorify God through the good times and the bad.

I'm compiling a blog called Contenders for the Faith, about a Christian boy's scouting program that doesn't have any how-to out there on the web. They are under the Keepers of the Faith umbrella, which seems to have a lot of info. My son and I started one in our homeschool group this year, and it's all about the activities the boys do and how it happens. that's what I'm up to.